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Learn to surf, or improve your skills in one of the most beautiful surf spots in the Southern Hemisphere.

We offer fun, personalised surf coaching for surfers of all levels, from first timers to advanced. 

There will never be more than 6 students per instructor, ensuring that you confidently progress and have fun in a safe setting. The minimum age to participate is 25 years. All our instructors are certified in Water Rescue, First Aid, and CPR – and they are patient and kind, too. So you’ll be in good hands, aspiring mermaid!






What's Included?


Level 1

For those new to surfing

You will learn:
• The correct paddling technique
• Popping up and standing on your board
• Choosing and riding the right waves
• Turning your board and going left and right
• Swell directions and the best surf conditions: winds, tides, currents
• Surfboard types and uses

Level 2

Mermaid in the Making

You know how to paddle and pop up on your own, but when it comes to timing, reading the waves, and pushing through the impact zone, you’re not quite there yet.
Learn all about:
• Power paddling
• Techniques for pushing through the impact zone
• Efficiently riding down the line
• Learn how to read the waves
• Duck diving or turtle roll
• Learn how to turn your board on the wave

Level 3

For Advanced Surfers

So you are absolutely addicted to surfing and want to fine-tune your craft? We got you. Whether you love to ride shortboard or long-board, our amazing coaches will have you stoked on your progress.


What to expect:

• Personalized coaching, in-depth feedback on your technique
• Exploring various waves around our region that matches your skill level
• Video analysis for technical improvements

If you aren’t sure what level you are, have no fear! Our instructors will assess your level once you arrive and alocate you to the correct group.

“You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

– Jon Kabat-Zinn

They say the best surfer out there, is the one that’s having fun. We’ll show you how to have fun in the waves, so that you leave with an image gallery full of memories, and a heart filled with love.

Ready to have the week of your life?