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Co-Founder / Facilitator / Ideation Expert  

With 20+ years of advertising experience under her belt, Yana founded her own ad agency 10 years ago to escape the industry’s egotism. Her devotion to yoga, surf and mental wellbeing developed after experiencing constant burn-out and hospitalisation. Based in Cape Town, she is a mother of a child with special needs. Her passion for exploring the world and connecting with people, led her to Sri Lanka where she developed her love for surfing. Together with her mom Anelia this idea was created. She’s known in her circles as a dog-whisperer, but Yana’s main goal is to change the world – one person at a time.

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Co-Founder / Psychiatrist / Mindfulness Expert

A medical doctor, who also has her Doctorate and PHD in Health Science, Anelia has always had a passion for using the mind to treat the body and practice mindfulness. Taking a holistic approach to wellness, she has practised psychiatry for 25 years, and is always driven to help people. A well-travelled citizen of the world who has settled in South Africa, Anelia has a global understanding of what makes people tick. She believes in living a full, rounded life and is an art-lover and avid theatre-goer.

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Facilitator / Open Water Guide

Rex discovered his passion for freediving at the young age of 11, captivated by the mesmerising depths of the ocean. Driven by a profound love for the ocean, mental health advocacy, and the pursuit of peace, Rex found his calling as an instructor at House of Insight.

For Rex, teaching freediving is not just a job but a deeply fulfilling passion. His dedication to sharing the therapeutic benefits of the ocean with others shines through in their work, creating a nurturing space for individuals to find solace, healing, and connection.

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Surf Therapist

Tasha Mentasti was born in the surf city of Durban, Kwazulu-Natal. Surfing came naturally to the sporty kid and thanks to her dad’s influence she made surfing her career and sport of choice. After travelling the world for 12 years as a professional surfer, Tasha has now dedicated her time to giving back to the sport that she gave her everything. Her passion is  adaptive surfing, which is a real heart project for her. She takes on people with various disabilities and teaches them to surf.


georgia SHUMANN

Yoga & Pilates

Georgia has been practising Yoga for over 20 years, and teaching professionally since 2010. Her journey began in India in 2001, where she studies the Hatha and Iyengar traditions. She has expanded her teachings to Vinyasa, Forrest and Restorative Yoga. Her fascination with physiology and rehabilitation led her to complete a Pilates teacher qualification, but her passion lies in facilitating movement and breath work for mental and emotional wellness, regulating the nervous system.




Meghan began teaching yoga in the US in 2007 and she relocated to South Africa in 2011. She has done extensive training primarily in the USA and Costa Rica in hatha, vinyasa, pre/postnatal, kids’ yoga, and “Street” yoga – a curriculum geared towards homelessness, addiction, and trauma. Her teaching style is precise, grounded, and accessible. She loves loves teaching yin and restorative styles as much as energising and athletic sequences. Meghan also runs local health beverage brand Theonista. 

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Clinical Psychologist

As a therapist, Jade has experienced psychotherapy to be a meaningful and empowering process – not only when encountering difficulty, but also for the pursuit of personal growth through deeper understanding. She believes that relationships are at the core of human development and bases her practice in relational work and psychodynamic thinking. 

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